*Best Wine shop of Baltimore rated by City Paper*

1.Chateau Mukhrani Saperavi

MukhraniSaperaviVineyard and Grape Variety: 100% Chateau Mukhrani grapes.

The Chateau Mukhrani Saperavi has excellent vinosity. With flavors ranging from black mulberry through to blackberry and cherry, this opulent ruby colored wine exudes a soft oak palate with velvety tannins.




2.Teliani Valley Tsolikouri

download (1)White dry made from the Tsolikouri grape variety cultivated in the in the Tvishi viticulture district of Lechkhumi. The wine has a light-amber color and a fresh, delicate taste with a fruity aroma – delicious with any white meat and spicy food.





3.Teliani Valley Tsinandali

teliani-valley-tsinandali-white-dryWhite dry wine made from Georgian varieties of Rkatsiteli (80%) and Mtsvane (20%). Crispy, floral note, balanced between flavors of apricot and apple – Goes especially well with salmon and variety of seafood.






4.Schuchmann Kakheti Mtsvane

White Dry wine  is made from the hand-selected Mtsvane grape grown in Ikalto.  The inviting aroma reminds of freshly slice pears and apples while the delicately creamy entry gives way to reveal soften hints of baking spice.  Enjoy with oysters and green salad.  


5.Schuchmann Kakheti Rkatsiteli

It is made from the Rikatsiteli grape variety cultivated in Kardanakhi, when the grape pulp undergoes fermentation in clay jars buried in the ground.  The wine of dark amber color has a pleasant fruit bouquet and aroma, a harmonious velvety taste.   


6.Schuchmann Kakheti Pirosmani

Named after the famous Georgian painter Niko Pirosmanashnill, this is a different incitation of Saperavi Grape, still with its typical inky dark red color, but here left with just a touch of sweetness, soft, round style, appealing & easy to drink.